Friday, May 25, 2012

Hang on, Amelie is... eight eight and a half months old!

Thanks to Catherine for the awesome quilt and thanks to Mamta for the adorable dress!

I am late posting Amby's seven eight month post because, well, she's seven eight months old.  This means she needs to crawl, climb, talk, splash, nom, stand, and examine every second that she is awake. If she is quiet or still for a minute, that means she has probably spit up on the floor and is finger painting with it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2 months after said picture was taken!

It's much more fun to eat the oatmeal off the bottom of the bow

Needless to say, I've given up trying to keep her clean during meal time.  She enjoys playing with her food much more than eating it right now.  She also enjoys the bath immediately afterward ;)

Speaking of eating, she may be spoiled with all the nursing I let her do, but she's been fairly resistant to eating solids.  At first, she loved nomming on the baby spoon and would thereby eat the food on it, but now she's bored with the spoon and just wants to play with the food itself and enjoy squeezing it in her fingers and wiping it everywhere.  If I manage to sneak some food in her mouth, only about 30% gets swallowed.  Lately, however, we introduced puffs, which were interesting to her, and she would put those into her mouth, so I began putting dollops of fruits and veggie purees on them, and she'd suck it off the puffs.  She'll also take a piece of panera bread from us (the harder crusty part) and suck on it while biting off small pieces at a time.  Yesterday, she finally decided she liked pickles, oranges, and frozen raspberries in a mesh bag.  I'm hoping to transition to a higher percentage of solids soon since I'm getting tired of nursing and pumping at work.  While convenient at times, it's also a hassle to have to deal with it every 2-4 hours, and during the all-day seminars I have to attend.  It's worth it for this face though:

By the way, Easter baskets make fun hats:

Ganglion.  That's what I have on (in?) my wrist now since she is a whopping 16 lbs (as of her 6 month check up). I'll spare you a picture, though mine isn't very big, compared to the google images I've seen (ew!).  I suppose should be glad she's only at the 23rd percentile for weight, but that's probably also symptomatic of her tiny tummy, which does not allow her to eat more than 4 oz at a time without spitting up, which also means she still wakes every 1-3 hours at night to nurse.  Just call me zombommy.  No, it's cool, I don't need to sleep more than a few hours at night in order to work, clean, be a mom, and deal with.....

CHAOS IN THE BATHROOM!  Apparently when we bought our house, there was a leak under the sink and/or toilet that the inspector didn't catch (hidden, so technically not his fault) and it's been saturating the floor and subfloor in there for awhile, growing mold, mildew and other lovely things.  We finally discovered it when it began seeping up around the toilet and it clearly wasn't the wax ring.  Luckily, insurance will pay to fix most of it, which gives me the perfect in for a complete remodel, yay!  So far, we've decided on a deep acrylic soaking tub (yesssssssss!  I've been dying for one since 2nd trimester a year ago haha), white subway tile for the shower with some glass accents in blue/grey/seagreen/natural stone, a new double sink vanity in a nice chestnut finish with the same white marble counter (if it can come off in one piece), replacing the ugly seashell faucets with a nice brushed nickel, and replacing the old laminate floor with a dark grey tile.  It's been both fun and stressful shopping and researching everything, but we found a great contractor that let us buy our own materials, so we scored lots of bonus gas by first purchasing gift cards at Giant Eagle (20 cents off for every $50 gift card) and lots of points by purchasing those gift cards with our credit card.  I think we'll have free gas until at least August now.

Anyway, even though the existing bathtub may be out of commission for awhile, Amelie will still be able to enjoy water during.........

Swimming lessons!  She LOVES them.  As soon as we get into the water, she kicks and splashes.  She has also made a friend - Delaney, another baby that is about a month younger than she is, and the daughter of an elementary teacher in town.  They enjoy their social hour every Saturday morning from 11:15 - 11:45 at the YMCA.

Now a short interlude to say:

Hi Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Cope!  

In other news, I threw my first baby shower for our good friends, Jon and Ashleigh this month.  Good thing I threw it 2 months before her due date, since Ethan James W. decided to enter the world just a couple days ago!  I hope to have more updates on that soon, but for now, here are a few pictures of the shower, which was great fun despite Dorian almost cutting off his finger two hours before guests arrived (yes it was a kitchen mishap, but no, he wasn't even cutting the watermelon baby carriage fruit, instead, a bagel haha).

Mint Chocolate covered Oreos with Baby W's initials from Lancaster's own Candy Cottage!

The aftermath.  His first stitches, I might add. 

Daddy's girl. 

Thanks for the idea, Pinterest!

Akron Law friends - Jenny, Ashleigh, and Ashley!  If we survived the AK-Rowdy, we can all survive pregnancy.
I still have to post about our west coast trip to visit family in Washington and Colorado, back when Amelie was 6.5 months old, but I'm afraid it will take another 2 weeks before I have time to go through those pictures, so enjoy these updates for now.


  1. Love all of the pictures! It's so hard to keep up with the updates now that they are doing so much new stuff all of the time.

    She is such a doll!

  2. Thanks, Lacey! I know, it's non-stop, isn't it? Fun though :)

  3. Her hair looks like it's the same color as Nicky's. Love it!:)